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The ten big taboo of safety helmet

From:admin    date:2017-6-9 15:18:03    View:1639

In the summer, hot sun makes people reluctant to wear helmets. Because it's hot, after all, it can cause a lot of safety accidents. So, whether it is summer or winter, helmets wear must be essential, the following to give you a brief description of the ten major safety helmet matters needing attention:
◆ Don't put the hat askew, don't put your hat on the back of the brain. Otherwise, the helmet will reduce the impact of the protection of the impact.
◆ The lower jaw of the safety helmet must be buckled under the jaw and fastened. The tightness should be moderate. So as not to be or be winds blew, other obstacles knocked off, or because of the head to and fro, the safety cap fell off.
◆ Besides the hat lining is arranged in the top part of the helmet body, some small holes are also ventilated. But in use, do not open holes for ventilation. Because this will reduce the strength of the cap.
◆ Because the helmet will gradually damage in use, so it is necessary to check regularly, check whether there are cracks, depression, cracks and wear and tear, and found abnormal phenomena should be replaced immediately, no further use. Any damaged or cracked helmet shall be rejected for damage or damage.
◆ Use only the safety cap with the lower jaw and the cap case, which is the helmet with no cushion inside the cap.
◆ In the field operation, the constructors shall not take off the safety helmet and use it aside or when the cushion is used.
◆Because most safety helmet is made using high density polyethylene plastic, hardening and variable nature of ghosts. Therefore, it is not easy to expose to the sun for a long time.
◆ Safety cap collar, first check whether the product certificate, then see if damaged, uneven thickness of buffer layer and adjust the belt and the elastic belt is complete and effective. Do not meet the requirements of the immediate exchange.
◆ In the field, indoor work should wear safety helmet, especially in indoor live work, but also seriously wear a safety helmet, because the safety helmet not only can prevent collision, but also play an insulation role.
◆ Usually use a safety helmet should be kept clean, can not contact the fire source, do not paint any brushing. No safety helmets are allowed to enter the construction site.